Irish Festival in Fort Collins

Festivals are undoubtedly an impeccable source to connect with the surrounding people as well as the buried soul inside you that screeches and screams to reveal the real you. You can be as cold as ice, but the charm of festivals melt you like they have cast a bewitching spell on you. And if you are one of those festival persons whose inner toddler jumps hearing of the food and fun during festival eves, then you are a lucky spot because the Rocky Mountain Irish Gathering festival has returned to Fort Collins to make you go crazy over the rich Irish heritage that will be celebrated for three extravagant days.

A true Irish experience

This festival signifies an unmatched blend of true Irish customs like traditions, music, language, art, literature, folklore and cuisine associated with the authentic Irish roots. And if you are a party person who has no soft corner for literature or heritage, then this festival is a win-win situation for you too because The Rocky Mountains Irish Gathering at Fort Collins will light up your weekends with beer, wine, live music and celebration of Irish heritage. Food vendors for the festivals will be on site, and beer vendors include the local darlings New Belgium Brewing and Odell Brewing. Wine lovers too won’t be disappointed as a wine booth featuring an Irish vineyard will also be available.

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