Festival Hours

The festival inaugurates on Friday, August 3 with a tribute show by the Young Dubliners. If you are a fan, then you surely have to an attendee because the attendee will get an exclusive chance to meet and greet with the Young Dubliners from 5pm-6pm. You can not only buy their CDs but take pictures with the band as a souvenir.
What would be more amazing than this? Yeah, you can brag about this for like decades on your social media and that too for just $5. So grab your chance and don’t be late as after seven the tickets will cost you $8. The festival will continue on Saturday, August 4 and Sunday, August 5 in the time slot 10 am- 10:30 pm and 10 am- 7 pm respectively with performances from local Irish musicians and dancers.

The best part about Sunday’s festival is Sunday is a “red hair day”, so if you are a redhead, then you should stop by the festival to avail a half-price entry. These events will be sponsored by Fort Collins painters. The tickets for these two days will cost $12 for adults and children under 10; the entry is free. You can purchase the tickets at the festival entry gates.

Dos and Don’ts in the festival

The festival crew believes in green is clean, so recycling is the motto. Place all the plastic containers into the recycling receptacles and park your vehicles in the parking zones locking them up. There are also certain kinds of stuff that are not allowed in the festival like fireworks, firearms, knives of any kind, smoking, marijuana, hoverboards, and skateboards inside the festival to ensure the safety of the guests. These should be taken into prior concern before heading to the festival.

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